How to Make Math Fun At Home

If you had to choose between teaching your child math and eating pizza, which would you choose??


But what if you could enjoy a slice of your favorite pie, but also teach your child some valuable math skills at the same time?

News Flash! You can!!

Here is a super fun math problem/cooking extravaganza that can jumpstart your child’s interest in math and how it applies to every day life! And the best part is, you can do it AT HOME!!

There are so many ways to incorporate math into your every day life, and cooking or baking are two of the most important! You can create delicious meals, culinary masterpieces, or even some decadent desserts with the help of fractions, multiplication and division, just to name a few.

If the kitchen isn’t your happy place, don’t fret! We have some math activities from Sylvan Nation for you and your family to enjoy together, and they don’t require any cooking expertise!

If your family enjoys these activities and challenging young minds to learn and grow all summer long, head on over to Sylvan Nation for hundreds of worksheets and other fun projects to keep your kids busy. They have materials for all ages and grade levels, and it’s completely FREE! You can also earn rewards for completing activities with your kids that can add up to free tutoring sessions and more!

We’re challenging you to join in on the fun this summer!

  1. Go to Sylvan Nation
  2. Make an account, and start choosing your first activities.
  3. When your family completes a challenge, take a photo and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram! Tag us so we can see all the things your children are learning at home.
  4. Grab a friend and challenge them to join in as well!